Gilded silver plaque, Probably Italian, 19th century

Silver, gilded

measurement: 14,1 x 10,6 cm

The rectangular plaque depicts in a masterly worked relief Maria enthroned with Jesus, the child, surrounded by Saints. The scenery of the background is decorated after the style of the Domus Aurea of emperor Nero at Rome. Also the throne of Maria is anticizing with female sphinxes and a bull infront of a sacrificial altar. Next to Maria Saint Georg is standing left and on the right-side Saint Sebastian.


The relief of „Moderno“, dated in 1510, can be identified as model of the plaque. This original covered once a cabinet of the venetian cardinal and collector Domenico Grimani (1461-1523) for the collection of his cameos.

In contrast to the 16th century work the 19th century relief depicts Saint Sebastian wearing a loincloth.

The plaque was exhibited in April 2011 in the Museo Diocesano delle Religiosiatà die Monti Aurunci at Gaeta and published in Pax Tibi, Mostra Paci Liturgiche XVI-XVIII sec. The plaque is described there as „Mantua, school of Mantegna (XV. Jh.).




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About the artist:

Koller Zürich, Auktion A136 Möbel und Dekoration, 22. März 2006, Lot 1013 (Bronzepalkette „Pieta“, Venedig, um 1600).