About us

Kunsthandel Pamminger was established in 1979 by Reinhilde Pamminger-Schöning and her husband, Peter Schöning. The focus of our offer was - and has been until today - on objects dating from around 1800, the age of classicism and the time of rediscovering the arts of the Ancient World.

Thanks to our participation in various fairs and exhibitions, such as in Berlin (Orangerie), Hanover (Herrenhausen), Cologne (Westdeutsche Kunstmesse), or Frankfurt (Ars Antique), we have been able to attract clients from all over Germany and from abroad as well as to extend our range of articles for sale.

The continuity of Kunsthandel Pamminger was secured when Peter Pamminger took over responsibility. Since then, we have expanded our services and today also source objects from non-European cultures.

Examples from our catalogue